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How iGlove Will Make Your Life Easier

Here at Relko we know that working outside or in cold temperatures can be hard going. If you aren’t toiling away under the blisteringly hot summer sun, you are shivering violently whilst trying to control your motor functions just enough to finish the job at hand.

For those who spend their days on building sites, outdoors or working in colder temperatures all year-round, retaining full functionality of your extremities is the biggest challenge, and frostbite is an ever-present risk.
Of course, when simply moving in the first place is so much of a feat, the mere thought of staying on top of the paperwork, and other fiddly tablet-based bits, can seem almost comical.
How are you supposed to work a touchscreen with frozen fingers? Or worse, with warm woolly mitts on? And as for listening to music or making phone calls, you will have to deal with your ears turning into tiny blocks of ice.
You see, staying connected, listening to music and remaining productive is easier said than done when working outdoors. So far, such work has called for a choice to be made between staying warm or being productive.
With the new range of wearable technology from iGlove though, you don’t have to make a choice. You can have the best of both worlds with their range of new and innovative products.
If you need to stay connected and aurally aware, you can invest in some iGlove Hear Muffs which keep ears both warm and entertained. Alternatively, the iGloves might be more your style with their specially designed conductive material which allows you to work any touchscreen device, without removing your gloves. Either way, you can stay comfortable, cosy and connected whilst working to full capacity outdoors. Click here to view our range of iGlove's and protect yourself against winter and incoinvenience this winter! 
The iGlove Hear Muffs are especially superb because they are effective ear warmers, offer excellent sound quality and look great thanks to the subtly integrated technology and sleek design.
If you’re working on a building site, in landscaping or at a recovery job and the mercury has dipped that little bit low for your liking, you don’t have to lose the sense of feeling in your ears for the sake of work. You just wear the Hear Muffs – which fit perfectly around the back of your head, rather than on the top – and connect them to your audio device. This may be a phone, an mp3 player or a tablet. Once you are connected, you can stay that way without sacrificing your cosiness.
And if you think the Hear Muffs are impressive, you will be over the moon if you pair them up with some iGloves at the same time. Your touchscreen devices will remain fully responsive; you will be bundled up, and you will be fully connected. This means you can check parts, fill out forms or keep on top of project management on-the-go, whatever the weather.
So if you want to keep your hands busy, ears warm and productivity high this winter and beyond, get yourself a pair of iGloves and Hear Muffs from Relkogroup.