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How To Prepare Your Business For A Flood

Floods are unavoidable and when disaster strikes, you need to be prepared. This is best achieved by planning in advance and knowing how to deal with the aftermath once the flood has occurred. Below are a few tips on how to prepare your business for a flood before it happens and what to do after it has struck. 

Devise a flood plan

Whether you are expecting a flood or not, one of the most important things to have in place is a thought-out flood plan to help reduce the damage caused to your business or property. Your flood plan should cover the following aspects:


In the event of a flood, you need to make sure your staff are not only fully informed of the plan in place, but understand the risks involved. If you are expecting a flood to strike, it may be worth sitting down as a team and working out the best way to approach the situation. One of your priorities should be sorting out an evacuation plan. You need to identify all of the escape points, decide on safety meeting points and make sure that all employees are aware of where to go and how to get there.


If you work in an office then it is likely that you will have computers or some form of electrical equipment; this can pose a huge risk when it comes to floods so it is important that you include such equipment and risks in your flood plan. The best thing to do is listen out for any news about the flood and whether it is predicted to reach your premises any time soon. If the flood is close to your business, it might be worth switching off all of the electrical equipment and moving it to higher, safer locations before evacuating the building. This way you not only ensure the safety of your employees, but you also reduce the chance of suffering expensive equipment damage and loss.


Sometimes it is impossible to predict sudden events or evacuate the building before disaster hits. Therefore, it is vital that you are prepared for the flood striking when you least expect it. Sandbags can be incredibly useful in a flood, so you should have some spare just in case. Not only can they help to barricade the flood's entry points i.e. the door where the flood is coming in, they can also filter a few sediments commonly found in flood waters. Sadly, preparing these sandbags and placing them around the office can be time-consuming and because you never quite know where the flood will start it can be difficult to focus your attentions on the area that needs the most protection. However, sandbags are ideal for pre-flood preparation when you have fair warning which makes them a worthwhile investment, as long as you stay updated.

Additional Flood Protection

Even if you don't think a flood is coming, if your business is in a flood-prone area it is worth investing in additional flood protection to keep the property safe. This protection may include things like airbrick covers or floorboards which can help prevent water from entering the building. Such precautions diminish the amount of damage caused to walls and floors, helping the overall after-damage stage of the event.

You may even wish to ask an architect or building surveyor to come in and assess your building to see what type of flood protection would be most suitable for your property. They will be able to advise the most appropriate type of protection and estimate costs for you or point you to someone who can. Remember, if you have received guidance on which methods and products to use, you should make sure the materials have received a British Standards Institution Kitemark. If the products you choose have been certified by this body, it means that they have been tested and approved for quality and safety.

Dealing with the aftermath

The results of a severe flood can be devastating for everyone. Floods can change the lives of homeowners and entire families. In the business world, flood can affect everything from property safety to business operation, which in turn can put people's livelihoods at risk. This is why it is vital that if you are expecting a flood you have someone who can help you deal with the aftermath and restore your business as soon as possible.

Here at Relko Group, we offer a fire and flood restoration service that focuses on providing those affected by floods have a stress-free experience when it comes to cleaning up and getting life back to normal. We work alongside you to restore your property and we even offer a document recovery service that will help your business get back on top. To find out more please visit our Contact Us page and get in touch.