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Hygiene in the Office

Working in an office environment can often encourage unhygienic practices that may lead to employees falling ill and affecting the team's productivity. As employees are often working within close proximity to each other, it can be difficult to diminish the risk of illness spreading throughout the office. However, by ensuring adequate sanitation, you can help make it a more pleasant environment for everyone.

There are two main ways to go about making your office more hygienic and the latter is usually the most popular for busy businesses; do it yourself or hire a cleaning service. As cleaning services are skilled in ensuring good hygiene, they take the hefty task off your hands and make it a happy, healthy workplace for all employees.

The advantage of healthy employees however, though a huge advantage, is not the only benefit associated with maintaining satisfactory hygiene in the office. In this blog post we have compiled just a few of the benefits of ensuring adequate sanitation in the office.

Team Morale

We all have those days where we feel lethargic and unproductive but if you notice these signs are a common trend, it may be time to sit down with your employees and discuss how they're feeling. The truth is, even if they don't admit it, no one enjoys working in a dirty office and being surrounded by wrappers, old food, filthy plates and general grime which can have an adverse effect on people's enthusiasm towards their work.

A cleaning service will take care of all the minor details and ensure that your office isn't the centre of a dump so your employees can get their work completed in a cleaner, fresher environment. In addition, many of these cleaning companies also tailor their services to meet the requirements of the business; this includes the time they visit and what they do in terms of cleaning.

Corporate Image

Nowadays, every business in every industry is striving to be the best and if there's one thing clients look for, it's a professional workplace. Many companies have clients visiting their office on a regular basis, meaning it is vital that the workplace looks spick and span for their arrival. If your environment is piled high with dirt and grime, they're going to be unimpressed to say the least. So hiring a cleaning service if you can't find the time for a routine clean-up is highly beneficial for your corporate image. As a company, you're much more likely to be taken seriously and as a manager it's up to you to find a solution that offers spotless meeting rooms and sanitised bathrooms for your clients' arrival.

Staff Mindset

Similar to team morale, a positive staff mindset is so important to the success of the business. If your employees don't feel motivated, the company may suffer as a result of unproductivity and inefficiency. Whilst there are many reasons why workers may be struggling to maintain a positive outlook, a dirty office certainly doesn't help anything. Sometimes, employees can feel as though their work and their responsibilities are piling up on them, not to mention the stack of food-covered plates north of their desk. Hopefully, the tidier environment achieved by your chosen cleaning service will make your staff feel more capable of accomplishing set daily tasks and productivity should rocket.


These are just three benefits of maintaining adequate hygiene in the office. Here at Relko Group, we understand that sometimes businesses grow far too busy to carry out all of the necessary sanitary practices and we want to offer them an affordable office cleaning solution. Currently we operate in the Birmingham area and work to tailor our services to meet our customer's specific requirements in terms of timings and preferred services. If you'd like to find out more about our cleaning services, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. We would be happy to answer any enquiries you may have.