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Interior Design Fever

A fresh season always inspires change, and for many people, that means interior design. Whether they want to invigorate the dining room, promote sleep in the bedroom or put in a whole new kitchen, there will always be a DIY or interior design project on the go in most homes.

For many people, interior design comes naturally. They can just look at a room and visualise the changes in their mind. They can take in a scene and mentally change the colours, textures and patterns ready for a new season. For others, however, it can be a little more challenging.

Some are organised and have everything they need in place before starting work. A sketch of how the completed room will look, along with swatches of fabrics and paint samples; the right tools for the job, the right brushes, rollers and protective measures; and a thirst to get the job done.

Others are a little more slapdash and charge forward, scraping wallpaper off the walls before a replacement has been found. Tins of paint opened and left on the floor hours before they're needed until you take a step back to admire your hard work, and, all your enthusiasm has just been spilt all over the carpet!

A smooth interior design operation requires a little organisation and precision - or accidents like this are going to happen.

Unfortunately, getting paint out of a carpet is no easy feat. In fact, there are any number of spills and stains that conventional carpet cleaners simply won't budge. These are the stains of your nightmares, but there is a solution at hand - our professional carpet cleaning team is on hand to save the day.

Regular carpet cleaning is essential to keep it looking as good as new, and this applies to the office as well as the home. Not only will it remove dirt, grime and dust that when compacted can be much harder to remove, but it will rejuvenate the space - almost as if there is an entirely new carpet in the room!

Regular carpet cleaning can also improve the pile in your carpets and rugs, meaning you won't have to replace it anytime soon, which, we are sure you will agree, is music to your ears.

For more information on our carpet and other cleaning services available in the West Midlands area - including Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Walsall, please visit our website or contact us on 0800 014 2971.