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iWork Well With

In the 21st century business world, you have to be able to work to full capacity, on the go. You need to be available at all times, every day, and you need to be able to carry out your work as normal wherever you are.
Enter: modern technology, smart devices and the age of full connectivity.
Despite the passionate and apparently eternal battle between Apple, Microsoft and other big technology names, everyone is in agreement that the workers of the world need multiple devices to function on a daily basis. Tablets, phones, gadgetry and so on have become the very foundations of the working world. Regardless of your business, sector or specific role, you need to be technology savvy and completely connected.
As for the means, you are spoilt for choice. There is something for everyone, regardless of your business, budget or proficiency. There are so many different development companies out there, each with their own niche and their own plethora of new-fangled devices.
Despite the choice on the market, there are a few privileged companies who dominate. Arguably, Apple and their range of forward-thinking devices have become somewhat synonymous with working and staying connected on the move.
So let’s take a closer look at the classic, the new and the most innovative Apple gadgets on the market that help businesses run smoothly, whenever and wherever they are.
The iPhone
The iPhone made an appearance in 2007, with basic functionality and no Apps (bar the default ones). In the first three months, one million were sold, and the popularity grew to such an extent that Apple catered for the public with a 500-strong App Store, launched the year after.
By 2010, Apple had overtaken Microsoft and today, it is arguably the market leader for smart devices. Now on its 6th generation, with billions of apps and countless features available, the iPhone has well and truly made its mark.
The iPhone is the perfect business companion because it is the world in your palm, albeit miniature. This smartphone is a fully loaded, fully functional piece of kit that keeps businesses connected, productive and on their toes.
You can make calls, get emails, work online and access all manner of software. Whatever you need, “there’s an app for it”.
The iPad
In 2010, we said ‘hello’ to the iPad, and in its first four months, sales reached $1billion. A big step up from Apple’s first tablet in 1993, the iPad was – and is – everything the iPhone is, but bigger and better.
The hardware is durable and sizeable, offering a comfortable user experience and a robust piece of equipment that can deal with a busy daily working life. The iPad really is touchscreen technology at its finest, with apps galore and a bigger, brighter and more practical screen for display.
Now on its 4th generation, the iPad covers all bases. You can download and read books on it, browse the web, stay connected with calls and messages, manage emails and use MS Office apps to do the paperwork on the go. This isn’t to forget the software that is available to keep on top of project management and so on.
For ease of use and staying fully connected in a digital working world, the iPad is the “it” bit of kit.
The iWatch
No longer something from a James Bond film, the smartwatch – or more specifically, the iWatch – is set to be the next big step in full connectivity and smart technology. Now, it’s not out yet, but there is an iPhone compatible Apple Watch set to be released in spring 2015.
There is still speculation surrounding this Apple Watch, but by the looks of things, it will keep people connected with absolute minimal effort. There will be no need to lug devices around in pockets and bags.
There are already so many interconnected Apple devices, and even without the fabled iWatch, it appears the business world is set to stay at the mercy of iPhones, iPads and iEverything.
And now…the iGlove!
Yes, the iGlove is the missing link in all of this. No matter how impressive the various other Apple technologies are, the ability to use fully responsive touchscreen devices everywhere, including the cold outdoors, is a big leap forward.
Specially developed conductive materials and sleek but practical designs make iGloves, as well as iGlove Hear Muffs, fantastic tools for those needing to stay connected and work with touchscreen technology in less conventional environments.
So get your missing link today and order genuine iGloves from Relkogroup. There are different styles available, so there is something to suit every purpose and every taste.