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New Year, New Tech

Gone are the days when a classic timepiece or a good pair of socks would see you through the year at work. Now, even the manual trades and outdoor sectors are subject to 21st century developments and require a multitude of high-tech pieces, even for simple day to day tasks.  
So if you haven’t yet heard of or implemented the use of things like touchscreens and iGloves, 2015 is definitely the year you should resolve to tech up.
Of course, this doesn’t mean pushing forward with a costly and disruptive overhaul, just that you should consider introducing technological solutions to your everyday work routine and processes.
To give you an idea what kind of technology to invest in this New Year, here is Relko's top three work tech resolutions.


Whether you invest in a team tablet or one for each individual, you will find that tablets are the ideal mobile device for work in any sector.
Tablets are far more mobile than laptops, more practical for work than smartphones and just as comprehensive in terms of what they can do. You can be at your desk, in a meeting or on a building site, and you will have your files, documents and systems right there at your fingertips.
What’s more is that there is an app for just about everything which means you can be productive on the go and stay on top of things all year long.

The GoPro is the ultimate all-rounder camera, for every situation. It is perfect for taking quality photographs, whether you are conducting a quick building survey or compiling a “before and after” portfolio.
It is also great on the move, with options to strap it to your head, wrist or equipment. It is superb for jobs where you need to work hands-free or conduct work remotely with a live video feed. It is even an all-weather camera thanks to its robust body and the waterproof casing available. So whether you work in the rain, underwater or drop it in a puddle, you can rest assured you have a working camera (just remember the waterproof case).
On a side note, the GoPro is a useful piece of kit for jobs you need to vouch for, either in terms of insurance or to keep clients up to date on progress.

This innovative wearable technology is revolutionising the workplace. iGloves like these are the perfect way to stay both cosy and connected on the go, outside and when working in cold temperatures. View the iGlove here and walk away with this years must have application!
You can make or take calls and work any touchscreen device, without having to remove the gloves, and it will remain fully functional. This means you can stay productive and on top of admin or communication, even when you aren’t chained to the desk.
The reason these innovative gloves allow you to work a touchscreen phone or device is the clever material that has been specially developed. The conductive material used is woven into the fabric of the gloves, so it is barely noticeable but makes all the difference.
By investing in the iGloves this year, you can be cosy, connected and look the part all in one go.

Buy a pair of iGloves from our store now!

Now, these three pieces of technology are just a suggestion from Relko Group in terms of how you can give your workday and business a 21st century upgrade. There are plenty of other examples out there, each with their own benefits and appeal. The technology you ultimately decide to utilise at work in 2015 will depend very much on the needs of your business.

However you go about upgrading your work tech though, it will be well worth it.