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Office Cleaning and Seasonal Obstacles

A clean office is a good idea all year round, but it can be particularly beneficial to health and wellbeing, as well as comfort levels and productivity, during the spring and summer months.
This time of year is particularly problematic for those who suffer from allergies, regardless of whether they are seasonal allergies, dust intolerances or sensitivity to cleaning chemicals. Below we have given more details as to what these office-based challenges are, and how a professional cleaning company can help. Read on for more.

Do you often clock your colleague wiping a dry cloth around their desk and computer monitor? They’re getting rid of the dust…very admirable…and not a good move. You see, they might be getting rid of the dust on their desk, but it will promptly land on yours after floating around in the air for a while.
If you are finding your office is particularly full of dust bunnies then you should invest in regular professional cleaning services. Moving the dust around yourself is likely to make matters worse because, whilst your monitor might look nice a dust-free, your neighbours will be under attack from the dust mites you just swooshed over there.
Dust mites are a common trigger for allergies and asthma, so dusty offices and “helpful” desk-dusters can make for an uncomfortable environment. If you must dust your own workspace, do so with a damp cloth or a special dust-catching material, to ensure you get rid of dust instead of move it around.
Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies are a problem for many people, especially if you suffer from them during work hours. Sitting at a desk, trapped in an office filled with tiny irritant dust particles and pollen spores, for eight hours a day would be a challenge for anyone. Add to this the fact that you still have to focus and function in order to complete the tasks at hand, and you will find yourself in a bit of a battle.
Whilst you cannot avoid seasonal allergies (March-July: tree, flower, and grass pollen, followed by spores and fungus), you can limit the damage done during office hours. The morning is the worst time for pollen allergies because this is when pollen is released, and levels are higher. This also happens to be when you arrive at work.
Keeping windows shut and installing air purifiers whilst dosing up on allergy tablets is a tried and tested method of coping, but you want to minimise and prevent pollen overload for the best results. As such, you need to ensure the office is cleaned, thoroughly and regularly, to ensure pollen residue is properly removed from surfaces. Pollen and other allergy triggers can rest on hard surfaces, in soft furnishings and in the carpet for prolonged periods.
So even if a calmer run follows a high pollen period, you can still find yourself suffering if you haven’t had the office properly cleaned.
Cleaning Products

With all the extra cleaning your office undergoes during spring cleans and dusty summer months, it is understandable that cleaning products become part of the furniture, leaving residue on surfaces and sprayed remnants in the atmosphere. This is not a problem for those who aren’t sensitive, but if you have allergies or intolerances to certain chemicals present in popular cleaning products, being surrounded by them – and having them topped up weekly – will become a problem.
You can avoid this issue though, by enlisting the services of cleaning companies like Birmingham’s own Relkogroup. We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are not only kind to the environment, but also to skin and respiratory systems. So even if you have sensitivities and allergies, you don’t need to worry about having a clean office because the irritant chemicals aren’t present.
There’s no compromise on the quality of the clean either as our eco-friendly products, combined with our experienced team of experts, will do a wonderful job each and every time. This quality service is something we pride ourselves on, and no matter how frequently we visit or how tough a job it is, you will get the same outstanding result. As such, you will get a healthy, dirt and dust-free work environment, guaranteed.
These are just three examples of why you need to invest in professional cleaning services like ours this spring and summer. For a clean, productive, allergy-free workspace, you can count on us. So get in touch today.