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Office Cleaning for the New Year

So, you are preparing to throw a big party at the office, to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. However, you’re a little sceptical about your employees’ ‘promise’ to help clean up afterwards, and a little unsure of how the office will look when it is time to shutdown for Christmas and New Year.

Instead of fretting about whether or not to cancel the office party though, why not look into an office cleaning service? After all, your employees didn't work hard all year to be let down at the last second.

Here at Relkogroup, we understand the importance of ensuring your office is always presentable, tidy and above all, clean. From the health benefits to the aesthetic appeal, we aim to offer our customers only the best in office cleaning services.

So, without further ado, here is a selection of our services; all of which would be perfect for the big New Year’s office clean-up.

Carpet Cleaning

You may not believe it, but getting your carpet cleaned on a regular basis actually helps to extend its life expectancy. Think about it like this; all of the dirt and muck that has been trodden into the carpet over the past year is bound to damage your carpet’s fibres. Having your carpet regularly cleaned  helps to remove this dirt and grime, thus preventing any more fibres from being damaged.

You also have the presentation factor when it comes to flooring. Carpets, particularly light-coloured ones, have a tendency to get quite mucky which can create a bad impression of your company. It’s the same as leaving dirty dishes in the office sink; you wouldn’t allow them to build up with mould and grime, right? For the UK's best carpet cleaning services visit our website today!

High Level Cleaning

There is so much focus on ensuring the office interior is neat and tidy that the exterior is often forgotten about. Luckily though, here at Relkogroup, we have a high-level cleaning service that will leave your building glowing.

Not only is our team of experts trained and experienced in cleaning at height, they are also PASMA certified. This means they can make use of specialist equipment to perform the best possible cleaning job on your office. This particular service is offered to businesses all across the UK.  

Tailor your Experience

On top of all this, we offer our customers a tailored experience and cleaning solution. This means altering the frequency of our visits and the services we carry out, to meet your specific requirements and your schedule. This tailoring also means you can work out any financial details and set up a solution that suits your budget.

These are just a couple of the services we offer that we think would be perfect for a post-party clean-up.

For more information on our cleaning services in Birmingham, please get in touch with today. Alternatively, browse through the rest of our site to find exactly what you need. We look forward to hearing from you.