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Office Must-Haves: Productivity Boosters

Here at Relkogroup we understand that every office needs to run like a well-oiled machine, in order to function at adequate levels of productivity and efficiency. That is why we make sure we offer the best and most professional services to businesses of all sizes; it gives you one less thing to worry about.
Nevertheless, balancing efficiency, productivity and everything else the day throws at you can be a challenge. So why not check out our top three tips for office productivity boosters, as listed below.
The Appropriate Apps

There are all sorts of apps out there, whatever your needs. Whether you need to count your steps, find the best recipes for a family dinner or organise every last detail of your life, there is an app for it. This is particularly beneficial for busy offices, or individuals who need a clear cut plan in order to have the most efficient day possible. Some apps are extensions of software which can be installed on your office’s computers, synced with work-based smart devices, and used by all employees and managers to keep everything running smoothly.
The app or software you choose will need to be best suited to your office’s specific requirements, so you might need to make a list of what you want and need. Then take that list with you whilst you do some research and shop around. Once you find the software or app that works for you (whether it monitors patterns to improve things moving forward, organises and syncs schedules to keep the office’s eye on the ball, or does a mixture of just about everything), you will need to train everyone up and get them all on board. Then you can enjoy the benefits of a more productive work day.
A Quality Cleaning Company
It may not be the most obvious thing to have on your “office must-have” list, but a good cleaning company visiting on a regular basis will make all the difference to your office. Professional office cleaners like Relkogroup are well-versed in all manner of cleaning and associated tasks. From cleaning at height and specialist work to general cleaning and carpet cleaning, we have experience in just about anything your office could need.
Why will a cleaning company help your office be a more productive and well-oiled machine?
Well, a clean space is a pleasant one, and it can help to clear the mind. Removing distractions like piled up papers and surface clutter will leave a space that is far easier to focus in. What’s more is that a clean office – i.e. one that is free of dust, dirt, grime and ever-annoying greasy fingerprints – is both healthier and more inviting for workers. Spending eight hours a day working in a space that is fresh, tidy and professionally cleaned will be far better for workers, and if they feel happier about being at work, they are likely to feel better about doing the work. Learn more here about our wide range of services.
Very Visual Prompts
People respond to visual cues far more than any other type. Why? Because an image received by the eyes generally takes less brainpower to process than words received by the ears or eyes. Many people also retain some form of visual information easier than other types.
So if you want to advise your colleagues of an event or spread the word about a change in policy, a visually inviting notice will work wonders. Colours, images and a clear, eye-level space will draw your readers in. For productivity’s sake, use a colour coded (or even colourfully-headed) schedule, tea rota or office policy notice, as it will garner more attention than the standard black and white option. People will look more often, pay more attention and be more aware of their time and how they spend it.
Similarly, to keep everyone on track time-wise, don’t rely on PC desktop clocks. The real thing hung on a wall will naturally draw people’s eyes, and they will be more aware of how long tasks take, as well as how long idle chat goes on for. By providing visual cues to remind workers of things or to prompt them to focus, you will increase overall productivity.
Now, these are just three ideas for productivity boosters, and there are many more out there to discover and try out. For now though, try starting with something simple like a “To Do List” app, a brand new wall clock, and a weekly cleaning service from Relkogroup. You might be surprised by just how much these small changes boost overall office productivity.