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Polishing Up Parliament: Westminster Palace Restoration

Forget London Bridge…it’s Westminster Palace that’s falling down!
That’s right, the iconic home of Parliament, with its gothic features and honeyed stone façade, is in serious need of a facelift.
In June 2015, the headlines hit us with the news that the structure was falling apart and had been for some time. Experts called for urgent restorative action, fearing that there was irreparable damage and declaring that the building was “no longer fit for purpose”. This revelation quickly put Westminster at the top of the most-watched list, for masonry experts everywhere. For masonry and restoration services in the UK, look no further than Relkogroup!
Of course, this is by no means the first or only repair work the palace has required though. On top of being rebuilt after a 19th-century fire, Westminster Palace has had a comprehensive list of work done. Touch ups have been necessary throughout history, and so far such measures have proven to be enough.
The palace has managed to withstand civil and world wars, gunpowder plots, election battles and the rotten British weather, not to mention centuries of wear and tear. But life in a 21st century, smog-smothered city is proving just a little too much for the iconic stone structure.
The bill, which taxpayers are likely to have to foot, is estimated to be between £3.9 billion and £7.1 billion, depending on how the repairs are carried out. Parliament were given the choice of abandoning the building for six years, whilst repairs take place or putting up with ongoing and part-time restoration…for the next 30+ years.
We know what you’re wondering…how on earth could repair and restoration work take that long, even if it is a big project? Well, Westminster Palace is an impressive example of stonemasonry and an intricate one too. There are many fine details and long-term issues to contend with, and the Grade I listing of the building makes any work a delicate situation.
Here at, we know the hard work and expertise required when taking on any kind of masonry restoration project. And in turn, we understand the significance of this particular project (which, helpfully, has the eyes of the world on it) and the pressure that comes with it.
Whether you’re a fire and flood restoration company with a particular interest in stonemasonry, or a member of the public intrigued by how Westminster Palace’s story will end, this project is going to be one to watch!