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Post-Christmas Party Clean-Up

The Christmas period is the one time of year people get thoroughly distracted with presents, parties, and all sorts of festive fun.
Businesses often get caught up in the merriment too, which is wonderful for the employees who can enjoy seasonal soirees and the buzz of the office gossip that follows. For the productivity of the business and the state of the premises though, dealing with the aftermath of office festivities, particularly Christmas and New Year’s parties, can be a bit of a challenge.
Once you and your colleagues return to work in the New Year, following a relaxing shutdown, you will no doubt be faced with post-Christmas carnage. Of course, you are likely to have a bit of a tidy up before you shutdown in order to make a dent in the mess. However, the best course of action would be to invest in the services of professional office cleaners such as who will make sure your workspace is clean, tidy and sanitary ready for the first day back.
If you’re still thinking that giving the place a quick lick and a promise will suffice, take a minute to think about what will be in store when you return, and what your office faces this festive season.
Post-Party Battle Scars
When the drinks are flowing, and there are tasty festive mini bites to try, you can guarantee drops and stains. It really does go without saying, if you have an office get together, you will end up with spills, stains and crumbs trodden into the carpet. And the thing about spills, stains and crumbs is that they hang around. Stains and debris from food and drink will look messy, encourage pests and could result in unpleasant odours.
Decoration Demolition Site
Christmas and New Year’s decorations are characteristically vibrant and sparkly. Whilst this makes them undeniably festive, it does bring with it a few problems. Glitter will get everywhere. And it will stick around for months, maybe even years. There will also be scraps of tinsel, shreds of wrapping paper, random ribbons and paper plates unhelpfully in bizarre corners. This will not only make the place look untidy but will pose a threat to sanitary offices and the sanity of those working there.
Ruined Restrooms
The restroom needs to be hygienic at all times, but it is one of the easiest rooms to get dirty. With regular and thorough cleaning, it is easy enough to stay on top of the day to day use though. However, restrooms will bear the scars of overuse and rowdy revellers following a festive do. You can expect toilet paper to be empty, soapless soap dispensers, paper towels strewn everywhere, and splashes of water over the counters, the mirrors and the floors; really, there could be anything. The longer restrooms are left without a deep clean, the easier it is for bacteria to multiply which can lead to all sorts of health and safety issues down the road. Visit our website today and discover one of the UK's premium cleaning companies!
So use the New Year, and the office shutdown as an excuse to rid the surfaces of dust, the crevices of cobwebs and the carpets of who knows what. You can take the hard work out of it by hiring the services of a professional cleaning company, like Relkogroup.
Relko Group are a multidiscipline cleaning service in Birmingham, offering everything you need to revamp and refresh your office. So get in touch and let us help you get the New Year off on the right foot.