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Property Problems: Tell Tale Smells

We tend to get somewhat attached to our homes and businesses, taking pride in the way they look, smell and feel to those who visit. This is part of the reason we work so hard to keep things clean and tidy, so the property stays in good condition. Other reasons for the effort we expend include a desire to be comfortable in our surroundings and the need to be safe.
For the most part, we look for obvious visual signs of issues. If our property is dirty we see dust and grime, if it is uncomfortably cold we can feel it, and if something is broken it will be noticeable. However, there are some property problems that are harder to spot. For these issues, we need to use other senses to detect anything that is amiss; your nose, for instance.
Scent is a powerful sense, highly evolved over millennia. As it is so finely tuned, you can use it as a tool. For example, it is not always blindingly obvious that something is wrong with your drains, but when you are overcome with that strong sulphuric egg smell, you know there is a blockage or problem that needs addressing.
The same goes for other common and serious property problems; unusual and unpleasant smells can be indicative of more serious problems. To give you a clearer idea, here are four common property issues your nose can give early warning signs for.
Mould or Damp

A musty, dank and off-putting smell is indicative of damp issues and possibly, mould. This odour may be accompanied by visual signs of water leakage and water damage, but it is possible that the water has receded, leaving just enough moisture to trigger mould.
Mould is not only unsightly and unpleasant; it can also cause health problems, specifically for those with respiratory issues who suffer from the spores.
If you do smell the musty, dank smell of mould then you should call in a mould remediation expert to check out the property. Depending on the cause of the mould and any damage that ensued, it may also be worth looking for restoration or cleaning services like those offered by Relkogroup.
Gas or Electrical Faults

Gas leaks can be a particular problem if you have a gas cooker or gas central heating. You will notice the distinctive, if not slightly sweet, scent of gas as the first indicator. If you do smell gas then call the gas board and emergency services for advice, and turn off all electrics and gas.
Of course, electrical faults can be serious too, and if you smell a burning odour then you may have an electrical fault that needs to be addressed. If this burning odour originates from electrical outlets and switches, or if it is accompanied by flickering lights, overheated electrical fixtures or tripped circuit breakers then you should get an experienced electrician in to check the property.
Rodent Infestation

Although there tends to be plenty of visual indicators when it comes to rodent infestations, such as chewed food, droppings, nests and even sightings of the culprits themselves, there are other unpleasant ways to discover your guests.
Your sense of smell will pick up on the rather pungent odour of rat or mice urine; it's not easy to describe, but you will know “that” smell should you come across it. If and when you do smell that strong odour, call a pest control expert to look at the property and deal with any uninvited guests.
Now, these are just three common property problems that can be discovered by tell-tale smells. So keep your eyes peeled and your nose open, in case your domestic or commercial property has a problem that could disrupt your comfort or pose a threat to your health and safety. Click here and discover Relko's amazing cleaning services today!