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Renovate and Redecorate – Part II

When it comes to renovation and redecoration, it is always nice to restore something to its former glory, and give it a little something of yourself in the process. Refreshing a building, furniture or your home with a renovation project takes time, but the results will always be worth it. Refurbishing personal items, or your home, can be just as rewarding as the renovation, when done correctly.

Here at Relko, we believe that the serious renovation should be undertaken first, and then you can let your creative juices flow with the redecoration. In our second part of this series, we offer you some valuable decorating advice, and a resource to help you create the home you always wanted.


  • Don't start work until you have everything that you need to hand
  • Always get the best quality tools and paints you can afford
  • The same goes for brushes; you only need two good brushes to decorate a room well
  • Always remember to cut in before you start painting; edging corners, ceilings, windows, doors and skirting boards in one vital step
  • Use a medium ply-roller, and always clean a new roller before use, to remove fluffiness
  • If paint splashes on a window, don't panic. Let it dry and then remove with a scraper
  • After using, clean brushes thoroughly. Keep covered in a damp cloth to ensure they don't dry out and go stiff
  • Clean as you go, and always keep a damp cloth to hand

...From the Soul

  • Let your furniture and room accessories dress the room for you. Get to know the natural lighting before choosing a colour palette and decorating
  • Let your furniture have space; too much stuff can leave a big room feeling very small
  • Hang artwork at eye level, always
  • Know where to place rugs, and place the furniture around it
  • Pick a subtle highlight from a theme and base your room around this. Don't go full-on autumnal or nautical, or it can get overwhelming
  • Create a focal point in the room and let the rest of the room work around this
  • Know which pieces of furniture or artwork work in your new room. Find a new home for it or let it go
  • Vary the size and scale of items and their juxtaposition to create a unique and intriguing dynamic
  • Add layers of lighting where the main light is too harsh, by highlighting your key areas with some soft lighting
  • Let your creativity flow. Be bold. Be casual. Be yourself

If you need any help or advice when decorating your home following a renovation or restoration, then please do not hesitate to contact our expert restoration teamsWe provide a number of services, should you require them, and can assist with how best you can move forward with your project.

For more information on our services, please contact us on 0800 014 2792 today.