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Risky Romance

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and the popularity of Leap Year proposals ever growing, make sure that your romance isn’t going to go up in flames this year. By all means, embrace these moments, but please remember to be careful when cooking and using candles in situations that you may find distracting.

Everyday distractions such as children, pets and loved ones can often lead us to take our eyes off the task at hand. When this involves cooking a 3-course meal from scratch, as well as ensuring your Valentine is fully topped up with wine and enjoying the romantic, candle-lit atmosphere; accidents can often occur. Luckily, Relko offer a fire and flood restoration service; should any incidents happen in your home. Phew! 

We also have some top tips for surviving such stressful situations in one piece, and ensuring your evening, and home, aren’t ruined in the process.

Burning Love

If you’re opting to cook a home-cooked masterpiece from scratch when you are less than comfortable in the kitchen, then put that glass of wine down and make a plan of action. Avoid dithering by knowing exactly what you need, and when; to avoid any mishaps or accidents. 

Don’t leave pans unattended, don’t use naked flames near your cooker and always remember to ventilate the room to clear away any smoke or steam. Ensure your saucepans are sat firmly on the hob, and handles are not sticking out away from the edge.

Candle Catastrophe

Soft lighting and candles are the height of romantic ambience in the home, but ending up with scorch marks and setting fire to the curtains is not! Avoid a potential catastrophe by placing all candles in a holder, placing away from curtains and furniture, as well as draughts. 

Don’t leave lit candles unsupervised or on polished, painted surfaces; always ensure they are out of reach for pets and children who could easily knock them and cause a fire, as well as hurting themselves. 

Always extinguish the flame thoroughly before leaving a hot candle alone. 

While the aim of the game is to stay safe and sound, without the need for our fire and flood restoration service, it is always helpful to know that we are around to get your home back to its former glory, should you require it. Fires in the home can be scary as well as damaging, but the truth is that damage from smoke and water can cause just as much disruption overall. 

If your home or business has been involved in a fire or, indeed, a flood, then please contact us on 0800 014 2975 to enquire about our fire and flood restoration work and how we can help you get back to normal.