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Roll Out the Carpet

Like us, if you are incredibly house proud, you’ll find that you’re just as office proud too, and simply cannot stand clutter, mess, germs, lack of hygiene, dirt and so forth.

Whereas we sometimes get in the professional cleaning services to clean our carpets at home, it is also worthwhile doing this for the office too. The office presents your company, your business, your brand, you, and, above all, it provides your bread and butter. Not only does it look and feel much cleaner, but it will cut down on germs and bacteria, too.

This is perhaps, even more, important, as the last thing you want is germs and bacteria spreading, which will eventually lead to employees calling off sick on short notice.

Along with those carpets, don’t forget that your rugs need cleaning too! Rugs are often placed in front of a seating area or reception so are most likely to contain a significant amount of dirt. Use a professional cleaning service such as Relko Group, who can take your rug away to clean and bring it back to you looking fresh and like new again.

This doesn’t just apply to carpets and floor cleaning; it means you need to focus on your office desks as well. An office desk contains many, many more germs and bacteria than the communal toilet; and that is saying something! Desks are the ultimate place where you will find the most dirt, bacteria and grime, especially your keyboards! And don’t forget those culprits who chew the ends of their pens, too - the usual suspects.

Having a presentable and tidy office is a key demonstration for clients and potential customers. It earns you a better reputation and comes across a lot more professionally. If you invite a client into a dirty and grimy office, they are less likely to want to shake hands and do business with you, right?

Minimising those germs and having a pristine office makes you more aesthetically appealing overall, so if you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning company, then why settle for mediocre?

Why not go for the absolute best by calling in Relko Cleaning and Support Services for your entire industrial, commercial and office cleaning needs in Birmingham. We also extend our services to the surrounding West Midlands areas so do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Better yet, why not take advantage of a free cleaning quote with us? We include a site survey in with this, completely free of charge because we are confident that with over four decades of expertise under our belts, and our gleaming proven track record, we won’t fail to impress you.

Call us on 0800 014 2971 or contact us here.