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Shamrock the Office Party

St. Patrick’s Day is soon, once again, creeping up on us on the 17th March this year, and what better time than now to organise that office party? 

You don’t necessarily have to go all out as you would for the annual Christmas Party, for instance, but even just adopting a suitable theme will get everyone involved in the day we all love – even if it is because we get to wear green all day!

But often, when one is confronted with the very notion of planning something like this, the mind tends to go blank. Don’t fret, however! We have taken the liberty of making it a little easier for you by listing some ideas. So, without further ado, read on for some inspiration…


  • If you are a relatively small office of under 50 employees, then get everyone to bring in something that they believe brings them luck
  • Deck out the office with green and gold décor; bunting, paper clovers, balloons, streamers… The list almost endless, but you get the gist!
  • You could ask all your colleagues to wear something green on this day; be it clothing, accessories or shoes. You could even create an incentive for the best effort made, and just to make it fair, a forfeit for the one who has made the least effort of all. Get everyone in the office to vote for their best and worst choices. (Note, if anyone bravely paints their face green, we would totally vote for them!)
  • For all you foodies, get everyone to bring in some nibbles that signify this day. You could opt for an Irish delicacy or perhaps buy something sweet. Sure, the shops may have some suitably themed snacks, but failing that, there are always green veggies and fruit!
  • Instead of the radio, play some Irish music in the office, or, better yet, get someone to do a folk dance for lunchtime entertainment
  • Have breakfast or lunch together with the whole team; gather around your office desks for breakfast or go out to lunch, and don’t forget to eat your greens! After all, St. Patrick’s Day is about spending time with your closest friends – and what are colleagues if not friends!
  • Got loads of chocolate stacked up from Christmas, still? Bring in those chocolate coins you’ve been hiding, and yes, share them around! There is gold at the end of the rainbow!
  • Plan a get together in the evening, for some post-work Irish coffee or a whisky chaser

Whatever you decide to do, we are sure you will have the best of times with your favourite colleagues around you, for a fun filled day at the office!

But while you’re all busy gallivanting around having fun, though, don’t forget about the usually horrible aftermath; the cleaning!

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