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Staying Safe and Secure

As you are aware, winter is almost upon us and along with the bad weather it brings, comes the holiday period, festivities and a whole host of potential dangers to your business. It is important to remain stringent on security, vigilant with health and safety and focused on contingency plans and risk assessments, just in case the worst should happen; water and fire damage can be devastating.

Heavy rain and sleet and snow for more than a few days can be particularly damaging to businesses that are housed in older buildings, or close to rivers and lakes that are likely to flood. However, any business is at risk of flooding and water damage should the right combination of factors be in place.

Sprung a Leak

Water damage can not only destroy carpets, technology and the work stored in it, but it can also lead to building damage. If a hole in the roof is undetected before the holidays start and a period of heavy rain causes a leak, the damage might be irreparable by the time you return to the office in the New Year. Regular building checks and secure digital backup for important data is recommended!

A Smoking Gun

The festive period is a time for socialising and celebrating. A lowly, half burnt cigarette can remain lit for hours and subsequently cause a fire long after the building has been vacated. If you have smokers in your workplace, ensure they are adhering to health and safety guidelines and keeping in line with smoking laws - even in the cold, wet weather.

Similarly, there are a lot of fireworks set off at this tail end of the year which can be dangerous if left unattended. Fire damage can destroy a business; gutting the offices and all the hard work contained therein, as well as being potentially fatal to any persons that may be trapped inside the building.

Holding regular fire alarm tests and ensuring your staff know exactly what to do in case of an emergency is imperative.

Awareness is Key

While a rarity, should the worst happen and your business succumbs to water and fire damage over the Christmas period, then are here on hand to help get you through this tough time.

Keep your business safe and secure this winter, ensure you have full risk assessments and contingency plans in place in case of emergencies and, above all, know who to contact should you be in need of assistance.

Browse our full range of services, contact our team and make room in your budget for emergencies in the coming year. You never know when you might need it!