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Stubborn Stains: Top 5

Stains, stains, stains; they’re everywhere! Although spills and stains are nothing new in workplaces all over the UK, most of the time being unavoidable, it can still be devastating to watch your pale carpet turn an unpleasant shade of grey-brown.
If you’re wondering what some of the most stubborn stains are though, keep reading, as Relko take you through just five that are likely to pay an unwelcome visit to the office.
Tea and Coffee
In an office, tea and coffee rounds are considered a necessity for those who need their daily dose of caffeine to push through the afternoon. Of course, with this kind of commitment comes the inevitability that someone, in some department, will spill a cuppa.
Unfortunately, we don’t think your boss will be too pleased when he discovers the unsightly stain on the office’s otherwise pristine carpet, no matter how well you’ve done to cover it up. Click here to view our range our deep cleaning services.
Ah, ink, an office worker's best friend and enemy, ink is a tough stain to remove.
And if you thought coming home looking like a child’s drawing was bad enough, wait until your colleagues find out about the time your pen leaked, leaving behind a trail of blue blotches as you made your way to wash your shirt. That’s right, we know the real reason you popped to Ikea for a new office rug.
As a manager, you want your department to look as professional and pristine as possible, but if you thought having a light-coloured carpet installed would enhance office aesthetics, think again.
It’s almost a given that some workers will enter the office with their shoes caked in mud (we’re thinking winter walks to work). Sadly, we don’t think clients need any help finding your employees’ desks…
Permanent Markers
Permanent markers are great for whiteboards, glass or just about any surface made for scribbling on. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that markers do not belong on the carpet without a lid; otherwise you’re in for a hard night of scrubbing to remove this tough stain.
There’s always one office worker that insists on going overboard with the sauce, only to take a bite of their sandwich as, almost in slow motion, you watch it drip onto the carpet. Naturally, it’s all ready to put up a fight when you try and remove it.
These are just five stubborn stains you are likely to come across in the office.
With these in mind, if you’re looking to keep your carpets in perfect condition through weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly treatments, our specialist cleaning services can help. Get in touch to find out more today.