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Summertime Madness

As the mercury rises over the summer months, more often than not the pace of office life slows down a little. Not only can the warmer weather be a little distracting as the team daydreams about BBQs and weekends at the beach, but being surrounded by electronic equipment in stuffy offices can make anyone feel a little sluggish.

While it is important to keep your staff motivated on productive, it is also important to allow them to experience some summertime traditions too. Maybe reward the team with an ice cream after a big, important meeting, or allow them to bring their pets into the office to ensure they stay safe in the warmer weather.

Focus on the bigger picture! Ice cream has a tendency to melt and dogs are likely to get excitable in a new place full of new people. Accidents happen but when you have a regular carpet cleaning service in your Birmingham office, these little things won't matter.

Puppy Love

With National Take Your Dog to Work Day falling in June, it presents the perfect opportunity for your staff to ease the stress they feel about leaving their pampered pooches at home alone on a hot day. With just a few, simple rules to follow, your office will soon be doggy-friendly this summer.

Summer Cleaning Routines

Warmer weather brings out smiles and flip flops, but it also means there will be more insects and pests around too, which means you need to keep on top of cleanliness in your office.

Ensure your kitchen and staff room bins are emptied regularly to avoid smells and attracting flies. Be sure to clean out your refrigerator - throwing out old food and mopping up any spills to avoid germs and bacteria spreading.

Electronic equipment such as computers and printers can be put under extra stress during warmer weather, so ensure you get your electricals cleaned and dusted regularly to minimise the risk of a break down.

Here at Relkogroup, we provide a carpet cleaning service as well as general office cleaning solutions too, for businesses in Birmingham that are looking to keep their premises looking spick and span this summer.

If your business could benefit from a professional carpet or office cleaning service, then look no further. Our teams are highly skilled, experienced and professional, guaranteeing your office looks as good as new in no time.

Please contact our team on 0800 014 2971 for more information.