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Take Matters into Your Own Hands

Did you know your hands are one of the biggest carriers of germs, and bacteria in general? One of the causes of this is a lot of people tend to wash their hands with water, but not everyone uses soap or hand wash. In order to get rid of lurking bacteria, it is important to clean your hands and nails thoroughly with soap. The invention of the hand sanitizer is also very handy to have on your desk, in your handbag or in your car for effective hygiene at all times.

So many viruses and diseases are spread by poor hand hygiene. Take faeces, for example, it is responsible for the spreading of viruses that can cause diarrhoea, disease and even severe illness. An obvious example is poor cleanliness after the changing of nappies...

Another culprit is someone who is already carrying a virus, if they cough or sneeze into their hands and carry on typing, those germs are transferred to their keyboard and, therefore, contaminate anything they touch, which you may be in contact with next.

It is wise to stress the importance of cleanliness in shared environments especially; such as work. Little things that we overlook, such as handrails, drinks, computer equipment and doors are all touched by people, and any of those people could be carrying a virus. Don't forget, germs do not stay put; they multiply and spread through contact of any form. So, it is important to take continuous hygiene seriously.

A sure-fire way to rid your work environment of everyday germs is to hire an expert cleaning service;  such as Relkogroup. We adapt our service to our clients' needs so you can rest easy and wash your hands of that responsibility. Call Relkogroup today and get those germs busted, well and truly.