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The Best Tech for the British Summer

British summertime has arrived.

You hadn’t noticed? Well, that’s understandable considering how soggy it’s been between the odd few 24-hour heatwaves.

Nevertheless, summer is here, and that means one thing; we need to brace ourselves for the changeable British summer weather.

Those of you with seasonal trades or those of you working outdoors will be all too familiar with the ever-unpredictable nature of our climate. And, in the warmer months, things get even more unpredictable.

One day, you could be sauntering around a construction site with the sun blazing down on you and not a cloud in sight. The next day, you might be wrapped up, huddled over your iPad whilst trying to shelter yourself from the wind and rain as you attempt to place a new order or update the project drawings.

That’s just how it is in sunny Blighty.

So how can you ensure that you keep productive, connected, and mobile during the varying degrees of summer, without having to faff with umpteen layers of clothing or indoors every few hours?

Well, how about going all 21st century and incorporating summer-friendly technology into your day-to-day? And perhaps optimising the tech you already use, so that it works to its full potential in the sun?

See how to do just that by reading on.

Keep connected with wearable technology

If you’re on the move and braving the elements this summer, you will want to make sure you have all the necessary gear. When it turns chilly outside and you’re in the middle of a project that, in any other country, would be fine in the summer, you don’t want to have to duck indoors or put things on pause because you can’t work your smartphone or tablet. Instead, invest in a pair of iGloves so you can place orders, update site plans and keep in touch. See more about iGlove Touchscreen Fashion Gloves. 

Keep cool in your birthday suit

Ok, not your birthday suit, but your gadgets’. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and the like all require plenty of ventilation to function properly, especially in the heat. Protective cases are all well and good if you are the clumsy type, liable to drop, scratch, bump and damage whatever it is you’re using. However, when the mercury soars and your technology is working triple time, you need to let it breathe.

Keep safe by monitoring sun exposure

Looking forward now, to what might be possible, and what is in prototype stage at present. Bracelets and strips made from smart technology will one day be able to warn you when you’ve had too much sun exposure and when you need to find some shade. The technology was first highlighted in 2009 by the Daily Mail, and more recently, they revisited it in this article. Imagine working on a building site or landscaping project, or whatever else you have on your schedule for summer. You’ve lathered on the SPF but it’s wearing off and the sun is beating down.

You’re too busy to notice, until you catch your bracelet changing colour, advising you that you’re heading towards dangerous UV exposure levels. A sunburn-free summer!

These three summer-friendly technologies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what’s available out there. Whether you need to find something to keep your tablet dry during yet another July deluge, or you’re after a sun-proof, heat-proof and life-proof solution to combat June heatwaves; technology can help.

So think practical and be sun-smart, then work all summer long, like a pro!

For more about our iGlove wearable technology, as well as any of our other products, feel free to browse our site or get in touch today.