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The Building Blocks

One of the many services we offer here at is in restoration and conservation. This division deals primarily in the cleaning and restoration processes of historical and ecclesiastical buildings, as well as offering structural and brickwork support on many of our projects.

There has been a push for more housing to be built to accommodate the nation's population, and we see office buildings being built everywhere we go. So with such an abundance of new build property and space on offer, just why is it so important to restore and conserve old buildings that are seen to have very little use for many? Read on to find out why.

Why do we restore?

First and foremost, we restore and conserve buildings because of their historical and cultural value within our society. If we demolish and remove all the older buildings in the country, what do we have left to show throughout history? Not only are older buildings more unique and full of character, but they tell a story that will be told for a long time. You can't imagine the world without historical monuments: Paris without the Eiffel Tower, or New York without the Statue of Liberty, so why imagine a world where no old buildings exist either?

They boost the economy. As well we being huge tourist attractions, which dramatically impacts on local councils, but they keep traditional skilled jobs alive, as well as providing scope for other jobs relating to the restored building.

Historical and cultural buildings are havens of architectural pride; seeing how designs have evolved and developed over the years is a great way of inspiring modern architects to branch out and expand their design horizons.

How do we do this?

Renovation - This process is used when a building is required to look like it originally did when it was a new build.

Restoration - Similar to renovation, restoration of buildings returns them to their former glory.

Preservation - The process of protecting a building from any further damage.

Conservation - To conserve a building, you must keep as much of the original building intact where possible, making as few alterations as possible. However, all changes have to be reversible.

Here at Relko, we know that protecting our history and culture is important for evolution as well as historical purposes. We provide many services relating to restoration and conservation; including brickwork support, masonry support and structural support. For further information on any of these services, please contact us today.