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The Germ Trail

A healthy home, a healthy heart, a healthy family, healthy children and a healthy… workplace? Yes, of course, the workplace. Isn’t that as important to you as your child’s school environment to be as clean and hygienic as your home, if not more? For the sake of their health and well-being, yes.

Germs and bacteria can spread like wildfire; it’s a fact. So, maybe you just happened to forget that whatever you may come across in your own workplace day in, day out, will also be having an effect on your children and family? 

Germs and bacteria spread, they contaminate; they breed and they multiply. Especially in the cold winter months, where the winter bugs and colds seem to be flying around the office more often than not, as people soldier through their days, coughing and sneezing as they go. 

While they are coughing and sneezing, though, they are tapping away on keyboards, leaning on desks, picking up telephones, using pens, touching the fridge and microwave doors, touching various door handles, handrails, their phone, perhaps even your mobile phone; the list is absolutely endless! 

Although it is impossible to completely free ourselves of this environment we live in, we can, however, do our best to minimise the likelihood of the germs we spread throughout the day. 

How we can do this, you ask? 

Ensure your workplace is kept clean, hygienic and tidy at all times. Invest in a communal hand sanitiser gel to use upon entry and exit from your department. You can ensure food is covered with airtight seals and lids in the fridge/freezer and that no foodstuff is left out consistently. 

Along with this, it is crucial to have a thorough office clean on a regular basis and that’s where The Relko Group can help. Relko Group is a well-known commercial cleaning company based in Birmingham that provides bespoke and innovative solutions tailored to you and your business. 

With an outstanding wealth of experience over four decades within the cleaning industry, we aim to deliver nothing less than the very best service and quality to all of our customers and clients. 

Give Relko a call today, for all your commercial cleaning needs in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We have a solution to your cleaning problem!