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The Grimiest Spots in the Office

The office is usually a place of professionalism and order, so our first thoughts don’t necessarily turn to dirt, grime and bacteria when we think of the workplace.

However, some of the most professional places and main thoroughfares in the office are also some of the grimiest spots. Germs and bacteria, as well as general dirt and grime, can build up quickly in contained public spaces like offices and workspaces. If it is not managed, this, in turn, can create an unpleasant environment and an increase in health issues. That is why keeping everything clean and hygienic should be a priority.

Our comprehensive cleaning and restoration services will ensure that your business property is spick and span at all times. With more than four decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge, we offer only the very best service to the Birmingham area. Click for more.

For more on why you should look at enlisting professional cleaning services for your commercial property, read on.


Unless you work with Spiderman, floors are the one part of every business property that is guaranteed to have heavy usage. People coming in with dirty shoes, people swanning around spilling coffee and crumbs, people shedding skin as they rush back and forth the printer; it all adds up to form a thick layer of microscopic – though sometimes not always invisible – grime.

Not only does this grime look unattractive, turning once-cream carpets a peculiar sort of grey, but it also harbours all sorts of nasty bacteria. As if shed human skin and hair cells weren’t enough, mouldy bread spores and all kinds of nasty illnesses can live and breed down there for months, as they get trodden in and added to on a daily basis.

To give your carpets, and even your laminate, tiled or marble flooring a thorough refresh, you need to enlist the services of a professional cleaning company who will be able to bring up and eradicate even the most stubborn dirt and germs with specialist products and equipment.


Surfaces are another heavy duty area in the workplace, be it the coffee table in Reception (you really don’t know who’s touched what, or where their hands have been), or the desks where everyone works, eats, drinks…coughs, sneezes, etc.

It is said that the office desk is home to 400 times the bacteria found in a toilet (source). Now think about what this means to you. Eight hours a day, five days a week, sat at the same desk. All the bacteria that is there on a Monday morning just builds up and multiplies, helped along by the sneezing passer-by and the colleague who rummaged through your pen pot but forgot to wash their hands.

Leaving this kind of dirt, grime and bacteria to fester on your desk is unsanitary and unhealthy. Not only does it make for an increasingly unpleasant work environment, but it can also lead to increased illness and time off sick. So keep on top of the cleaning and hygiene with a regular, comprehensive cleaning service.


As well as the common areas of a workplace, like the desk and floor surfaces, which accumulate dirt like no other, there are the hotspots. These unhygienic hotspots are troublesome areas in domestic and commercial properties alike, filling up with germs that fester, and proving to be a mammoth task to clean if left just a little too long.

Unfortunately, these difficult-to-manage hotspots are also some of the most important places to keep clean. The kitchen, where food and drink are prepared, and the bathroom, with its sole purpose being to keep everyone clean and sanitary, are the two major hotspots.

Other hotspots include door handles and light switches, which fall victim to grubby, germy hands in the hundreds on a daily basis.

To keep all of these hotspots in check when it comes to cleanliness, appearance and hygiene, make sure they have regular professional cleans, as well as periodic deep cleans.

These three areas of the workplace need to be a priority when considering cleanliness and appearance, so take note of their condition, encourage employees to take pride in their workplace and make an effort to keep it tidy. If you want to guarantee a sanitary environment, enlist the help of professional cleaning services too, to take the onus off you. Above all though, remember that a clean and tidy workplace is a happy, healthy workplace, and can help.