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The iGlove: For Work, Home and Play

Relkogroup offers a variety of iGlove products, from the original touchscreen-friendly iGloves to the innovative iGlove Hear Muffs.
We know that living, working and playing in the 21st century requires you to stay connected at all times, and iGlove allows you to do just that. That is why we stock a selection of iGlove items, because we know that the practical combination of technology and comfort will benefit you, in every area of life. 

Do you have to work outside, even when the mercury drops way below zero? Then you will know how difficult it is to make a decision between staying warm and being fully functional, or being connected, productive and getting on with work.
With the iGlove range of wearable technology though, it’s no problem. You can keep up to date with your digital world of work, without having to chain yourself to an indoor desk or sacrifice your body warmth.

The winter is a superb season for families, friends and individuals to get outside and explore in the fresh air. Unfortunately though, sometimes the air can be a little too fresh; some may say, frostbite fresh.
Now, this is not a problem if you are bundled up in snug, warm and woolly clothes, double-wrapped with a hat, scarf and gloves. However, if you need to peel off some of these layers to make a phone call or take some snaps, you can have a bit of a shock when the temperature hits you.
That’s ok though. If you are one of the families who enjoy playing in the park and swanning about in the snow, and you want to capture the whole thing on your iPad, you can. What’s more is that you can do it without getting frostbite.
How? You may ask. Well, with the iGlove. That’s right. The iGlove is an impressively innovative piece of wearable technology that allows you to stay completely connected and totally teched-up, even in sub-zero temperatures.

Are you a bit of an outdoorsy type? Perhaps you are a risk taker? Well, if you are a tad adventurous - and the weather doesn’t scare you - you will no doubt be on the lookout for weird and wonderful ways to capture magical moments when skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating or hiking.
There are all sorts of action-based aids out there, like GoPro, but for a really scenic shot, you want the sharp definition of an iPad or similar tablet. And if you want to capture such moments on a tablet or touchscreen device, you needn’t freeze your fingers for it. Not with the iGlove.
The iGlove really does have an endless roster of features that make it a fantastic choice for outdoor-loving, fully-connected individuals.
Now, these are just a few of the reasons the iGlove (and associated items of wearable technology) is the ideal solution for work, home and play. So to start benefiting from the full connectivity that comes with such innovation, get your iGloves from today.