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The iGlove: How to Slay Dragons

The Pitch

Well ladies and gentlemen; the iGlove is set to make its silver screen debut on Sunday 1st February 2015, at 9pm. That's right, the most accessible and innovative wearable technology out there, as seen here at Relkogroup, will be showing itself to the world.

The inventor of the iGlove will be taking on the Dragons in BBC2's Dragons' Den (Series 12, Episode 8) as he tries to secure their support and investment. We are expecting that the Dragons will be fighting over all things I Glove, thanks to the slick presentation, solid business plan and truly innovative product set to accompany The Pitch.

As big supporters of wearable technology and work wear innovation, Relkogroup already stock a selection of iGlove products, from adult and children's touchscreen gloves to the innovative Hear Muffs. We know that many of our customers are also enamoured by the connectivity, style and versatility afforded by these superb products, and we can't wait to see more people in search of this technology after the episode airs.

If you are familiar with this wearable technology brand, we won't need to sing its praises too much (but we probably still will - they're revolutionary). However, if you haven't yet discovered the wonders of iGlove, then make sure you check out Dragons' Den on Sunday 1st February 2015. You can also find more information on the brand and products on our website.


The Q & A

What is the iGlove?

The I Glove is an innovation in wearable technology. With specially-developed technology integrated into the design, the glove allows you to work any touchscreen device with full functionality, without having to remove the gloves from your hands. Not only does the iGlove work with all touchscreen devices, but it comes in several stylish designs, and the technology is incredibly subtle. The material will not scratch or damage your device, and both the material and the technology are designed and built to last.

How does the technology work?

Effectively, the iGlove works because of the conductivity. The technology incorporated into the fingertips conducts an electrical current from your fingertips to the touchscreen itself, which then responds as it would with actual skin contact. Complete functionality in all fingertips means you can text, type, surf, swipe, pinch and select to your heart's content.

Who can use it?

Everyone can use the iGlove. Whilst we stock it predominantly for those who require the use of touchscreen devices at cold or outdoor work sites, we also stock children's I Glove touchscreen gloves, as well as fashion touchscreen gloves; the whole family can find their wearable technology here. iGloves themselves are ideal for use at work, at play and anywhere else you need them.

Why the iGlove?

The iGlove is ground-breaking and unique in its design and composition. Specially developed for use with Apple and touchscreen products, it enables you to use fully responsive devices with complete functionality. Special care has been taken to ensure these gloves are both aesthetically and technologically sound, and following the Dragons' Den debut, these gloves are likely to be some of the hottest property out there.

Is it affordable?

The iGlove and its associated products are incredibly affordable here at Relko, especially when you consider the advanced technology, design and quality involved in their production. If you are thinking of using them for business, you should note the long-term financial benefits; increased functionality and connectivity will lead to increased productivity, which will positively impact the business overall.


The Deal

Like any busy Dragon would, we are going to keep The Deal short and sweet.

The iGlove and its associated products are truly state-of-the-art, offering connectivity and convenience to all. This is exactly what is needed by a digital 21st century society that relies on technology and being able to do everything on-the-go.

So set your recorders, clear your schedules, or do whatever it takes to make sure you are in front of a television at 9pm on Sunday 1st February. Then switch on Dragon's Den (BBC2) and show the iGlove your support.

You never know, they might just win over a Dragon or two...


For more information on the iglove, please click here.