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The iGlove: It Went, You Saw, It Conquered

Well, well. Did you see it? Here at Relko we did and we were amazed! If you were watching BBC2 on Sunday 1st February, around 9pm, you will have seen the iGlove win over Dragons’ Den uber Dragon, Duncan Bannatyne.
Known for being a shrewd businessman and a tough judge, Bannatyne is no stranger to a good business deal – and judging by his decision on Sunday night, it definitely looks like he can spot a winner.
How the Dragon Was Slain
iGlove inventor and developer, Rajan Jerath, went to the Dragons’ Den with the intention of showing them (and the world) the clever concept and innovation behind his products, as well as the superb business opportunities they bring.
He did a wonderful job of pitching the iGlove, both as a brand and a product, and his Fairy God-Dragon seemed to understand the ground-breaking concept and the largely untapped potential there. So he offered investment, they struck a deal, and the iGlove was on its way to a certain and successful future.
Despite his tough demeanour on the show, this Dragon is no stranger to financial commitments; he has invested just shy of £2m in the Den so far. Of course, now he has decided to back the iGlove, his investment total has jumped up a little – but it won’t take him long to realise it is well worth it.
However, the iGlove isn’t Duncan Bannatyne’s only technological Den investment. In Series 12 alone, he has already agreed to invest in a Nanotech solution (Episode 3), among other products. For several series though, he has stuck to the clothing and apparel industry, with a few wild cards thrown in. If you would like more information on how to purchase the iGlove, then simply click this link and pick up this amazing bit of kit today!
This Dragon is an iFan
Of all his previous investments though, perhaps the most interesting was back in Series 10 where, during Episode 7, Bannatyne agreed to back fellow Glaswegian and entrepreneur, Umer Ashraf.
Ashraf presented his business plan for “quirky and stylish internet […] coffee houses”, and Bannatyne offered £80k for 49% of the business. The deal was accepted, and the rest is history; iCafe became the Dragon’s newest success.
Yes. We said iCafe. Like iGlove
It appears that this particular Dragon is somewhat of a tech fan, with a special soft spot for iPitches.
Now he has iCafe under his belt, he is clearly ready for the next challenge and that challenge is wearable technology, specifically the iGlove.
Where will Duncan Bannatyne take the iGlove? To the top.
That is where this revolutionary technology was heading anyway; now it just has a super Dragon as a guide.
So for those of you who have already bought iGloves and associated products from Relkogroup, on behalf of the designers, developers and backers, thank you for the support.
And for those of you yet to experience the wonder of this wearable technology, get browsing, buying and trying. You’ve no excuse: the iGlove has arrived.