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There’s a Storm a Brewin’!

The latest initiative from the Met Office was the "Name our Storms" project, which started in October, is very similar to the hurricane naming system in place in the USA, and was christened with our first severe storm of the season, in early November.

The project was launched in order to raise awareness of the severe weather we experience across the UK, as well as highlighting the frequency, on top of making sure the public is informed and kept safe from harm.

As a company that often deals with the destruction and after effects of such severe weather, we understand the need for compassion during times of crisis; such as when you require water damage restoration after flooding or when restoration work is necessary after a falling tree destroys your living room.

Name and Shame

Storm names were voted for by the general public, and to date, we have already felt the wrath of Storm Abigail, been blown away by Storm Barney, and Storm Clodagh has devastated many as she tore through the country. Storm Desmond is next up, but when will he strike? Nobody knows for certain yet, but until then, enjoy the respite.

Storm Abigail

Abigail primarily raged across Scotland on 12/13th November, with wind speeds of up to 84mph recorded in some places. Combined with heavy rain, over 20,000 homes and many schools were left without power.

Storm Barney

Barney hit us just a few days later, on 17/18th November, with wind speeds exceeding Abigail and reaching the dizzy heights of 85mph. The effects of Barney were extensive - areas as far as Derbyshire, Worcestershire and Wales were hit. Over 9,000 homes were left without power, again.

Storm Clodagh

Clodagh waited a few more weeks before hitting the Republic of Ireland hard on 29th November. With winds of up to 70mph and over 3,500 people left without electricity, many roads and train lines were disrupted and blocked by fallen trees and destruction.

While there are not yet any signs of Storm Desmond, he will come and when he does, it pays to be prepared.

However, should the worst happen and you find yourself in need of water damage restoration work, or any other services we provide, then please do get in touch with Relko today.