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Top 10 Touchscreen Industries

Touchscreen technology has well and truly arrived, having found a role in almost every aspect of modern life; both at work and play.

Now, most people still consider touchscreen technology to be predominantly for personal use, such as texting friends, updating social media and tapping away at your tablet for fun. However, that is not the case.

The touchscreen is an integral part of the world's biggest industries, as demonstrated by the rise of related technologies, from projector connections in the boardroom to iGlove touchscreen gloves for those needing to stay connected whilst working outside.

Of course, it might just be that you or your business has not yet jumped on the touchscreen trend. You might prefer paper-based records instead of digital alternatives, or you may not be convinced in terms of the feasibility of touchscreens in your particular sector.

Don't write it off just yet though. Touchscreen technology and the accessories now available for it, can revolutionise businesses of any size. To give you some insight into the types of industry and purposes the touchscreen is ideal for, we have listed the top ten touchscreen industries below.


The retail industry is becoming increasingly digital, and we aren't referring to online shopping alone. Tablets are often glued to sales assistants' arms as they browse through the range, check the stock and order to the store on your behalf. Very impressive.


Whether it is a hotel concierge trying to keep track of all their guests or a restaurant host trying to organise the tables and the waiting times, a tablet or touchscreen monitor saves a lot of time and hassle, ensuring everything goes smoothly during every shift.

Interactive Displays and Marketing

Interactive is a major buzz word in the marketing and display world. Not content with just seeing great designs, adverts and displays, people now want to touch and control what is going on, immersing themselves fully in the experience. That is why touchscreens - often on large scales - are a staple for so many marketing displays.

Industrial Sector

Factory floors, warehouses and manufacturing plants all embrace technology. This is especially the case when it comes to portable touchscreen technology that can be used on the floor, in the office, and anywhere in between, to keep track of the orders and what everyone is doing.


Trade work is often hard going, with many trades working outdoors and at various sites. As such, staying connected is a bit of a challenge. This is where touchscreen technology comes in, with different options to communicate, browse the web and generally keep on top of things whilst on the move. The introduction of items like the I Glove and so on makes it even easier to stay connected via touchscreen technology.


Hospitals are a fast-paced environment where everyone needs to have access to communication and vital records, at all times. This is where mobile touchscreen devices come in; not only are they portable and ideal for staying well-connected, but they are also more hygienic than traditional QWERTY keyboards and monitors, with all their dirt-friendly crevices.


Gaming is an ever-popular industry, with lots of different avenues to explore. Development has focused on everything from virtual reality to interactive console-based worlds; there is even a serious movement surrounding games found on mobile devices, making the touchscreen itself the new interface. So whether you develop games or gaming hardware, you will find yourself using and catering for touchscreens.


Working on or with public transport can sometimes feel like organising the world's largest chess board. There are so many moving pieces, so many schedules to keep up to date with, so many variables to take into account, and so many records to keep; that is why an easy-to-use, fully connected, portable mobile device with touchscreen functionality is essential.


Education at any level, from pre-school to post-graduate, should prepare students for the modern world. As such, it should make use of the newest technologies, so that people know what to use and how to use it in their daily life, at work or home. Using touchscreen tablets and other such devices in the classroom enables students to interact fully, with one another and the lesson. This interactive element can really enhance the overall learning experience.

Design and Architecture

Design and architecture are two very complex disciplines. Whether your are an architect having to render new images for on-the-spot adjustments, an interior designer ordering items last minute whilst away from your office, or a landscape gardener who needs to stay fully connected whilst out and about at different projects, mobile technology is essential. More importantly, mobile technology with easy-to-use touchscreen technology is the simplest way to streamline work and keep yourself connected.

Now you have more of an idea as to the touchscreen-friendly sectors out there, you will understand how your own business can benefit. Of course, if your business does not fall exactly into the industries listed, you can draw inspiration from them. This will help you to think out of the box and come up with different ways to incorporate touchscreen tech into your working life.

Make sure you bear the various accessories in mind, such as the iGlove and the portable hardware options, which help to streamline work and expand a device's capabilities. It doesn't matter whether your work outdoors in sub-zero temperatures or sit at a table in your local coffee shop, touchscreen and all it entails is a valuable tool you should embrace.

So browse our range of iGlove accessories and start thinking about how you can use touchscreen tech to boost your business' productivity and bring your day to day work into the 21st century.