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Top 3 Spring Cleaning Secrets

The thought of a summer day spent inside tackling the chaotic mess of children's toys and ice-lolly sticks is enough to send anyone running for the next plane to Spain, as is idea of having to tidy the office on a Monday morning. From coffee stains on the new white desks to rubbish littered around the bin where employees have tried to score a point, office workers can be as bad as toddlers when it comes to leaving their mess untouched and ready to take over the building.

Sadly convincing your fellow employees that cleaning up a little won't actually kill them is harder said than done and after spending weeks stressing over the fact that you've become the dedicated cleaner, it is no surprise that you've finally had enough.

Understandably, not every employee will have time to give their desk a quick wipe down before leaving the office and not everyone will be able to put time aside to spend 15 minutes washing up. However, following everyone around with a dustpan and brush will eventually drive you insane, if it hasn't already. So, if there really is no hope of convincing your fellow employees to take over the responsibility, why not consider trying out some of these secret cleaning tips.


When it comes to rainy days and bleak skies, the last thing you want is for your hands and feet to be soaked to the bone along with a collection of damp gloves and shoes that just don't seem to be drying. If you've ever faced such a problem, you may have tried making use of the office radiator only to have found that everything was still sodden at the end of the day. Well, there's a simple answer; rice. Now, it may sound crazy but when it comes to cleaning, or in this case drying, rice is a miracle food. Not only can it be used to dry out damp shoes and gloves following a rainstorm, it can also be used to absorb the moisture from pretty much anything, making it a great food to keep handy in case of a spot of rain.


Have you ever noticed that your bins seem to be harbouring an unpleasant odour or that every time you go to empty out the rubbish, the bottom of the bin is damp? Nasty smells are one thing, but when it comes to finding a puddle at the bottom of your dustbin, you know you either need to change liners or you need something to soak up the mess. If you go for the second option, newspaper can be a great choice as it can help to prevent unpleasant smells and stop leaks spreading. It can also be used in larger, outdoor bins by simply crumpling up a few sheets in order to aid awkward areas that are prone to leakage and odours.  


If your employees don't mind sacrificing their favourite mug or grounds once in a while, coffee can be a great cleaning alternative for several reasons. Firstly, to clean a mucky microwave; simply placing a mug of water in the microwave and switch it to a high heat so the water is close to boiling. Not only will the steam and moisture help lift stubborn stains, it will also make it easier to wipe the microwave over with a cloth as the water creates adequate moisture for cleaning purposes.

Another way coffee can be used is by using the actual grounds in the fridge. Sometimes, the fridge can reek of gone-off food and month-old spillages, but placing a bowl of coffee grounds in the fridge can help to eliminate these bad odours. The grounds can be either new or used and the best part is that they only need to be replaced every few months.

These are just three of the top secret cleaning tips for those who are burdened with the task of tidying up the office on a regular basis. If you do find yourself burdened with this job and you're growing weary of mouldy food and gone-off milk, it may be worth approaching your manager and discussing the possibility of enlisting a local office cleaning service to give you a hand. No matter how big the job, from Birmingham to London, there are cleaning services positioned all around the UK just waiting for your call.