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Top Life Hacks for Touchscreen Users

Whether you use a touchscreen for business purposes, like placing orders on the go and staying fully connected, or you like to make sure you have your tablet on you at all times, to guide you through long weekend hikes or keep the family entertained, you will understand the importance of the touchscreen to everyday life.

But what about caring for your touchscreen device? It is all very well remembering not to get the screen wet or scratched, but general maintenance should be a priority too. There is more to using a touchscreen than making sure you tap the right spots and have all the right gear.

Here at Relko, we understand that those who have ordered their iGlove touchscreen gloves from us lead busy lives, and as such, they need their touchscreen device raring and ready to go at all times, to keep up with hectic schedules and the demand of 21st century life.

However, we also understand that being so busy means iGlove fans, and touchscreen fans, in general, don't have as much time as they would like to keep their gadgets clean and in top shape.

That is why we have come up with the below life hacks for touchscreen users. We have listed a few things to remember, as well as three cleaning options for your touchscreen device.

So read on to see what you need to enhance your touchscreen user experience, how to preserve your devices' lifespans, and how to clean the delicate touchscreen technology properly and safely.

Five Pieces of Kit to Enhance UX

  • A stylus, to keep the screen as fingerprint-free as possible when using the device indoors, at meetings, and so on.
  • A USB hub and other detachable hardware, such as a QWERTY keyboard, to streamline business use and turn your phone or tablet into a multipurpose gadget in the truest sense of the word.
  • iGlove touchscreen gloves that increase the usability of your touchscreen device by allowing you to operate it with full functionality, even when wrapped up outdoors.
  • A protective case, skin or sleeve, to keep the device safe from bumps and knocks, as well as a screen protector to protect against scratches and chips. These measures will extend the life of your device.
  • Audio hardware, such as good quality noise-cancelling headphones, USB speakers and even our iGlove Hear Muffs, to stay connected on the run.

Three Ways to Keep Your Touchscreen Clean

  • Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to get rid of the dust. Then, wet the cloth with just a drop of distilled water (don't soak it!) and wipe across the screen very gently, no pressure. Finally, moving in a circular motion, clean the touchscreen with a dry piece of microfiber cloth. (Source)
  • Use water or a solution comprised of 50% distilled water and 50% vinegar. Spray the solution on a microfiber cloth and wipe the screen down. Take care not to spray the solution onto the screen, and do not drench the cloth. To disinfect, use isopropyl rubbing alcohol; check the manual first though because rubbing alcohol is not suitable for all devices. (Source)
  • If you prefer, you can use specialist cleaners, as recommended by your touchscreen device's manufacturer, or as developed by the world's greatest gadget masterminds. You can see some of the best touchscreen cleaners here.

One Word to the Wise

Keep your touchscreen face up, to prevent scratches, and make sure you don't put the device on wet (or potentially wet) surfaces. Kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms and so on are high-risk areas for water, as well as acidic substances like vinegar, sanitizer and strong chemicals, which can damage delicate touchscreens beyond repair. To protect your touchscreen from such substances, as well as keep your device free from crumbs, try not to use your device when eating or after applying hand soap and sanitizer.

And there you have the essential life hacks for touchscreen users. Regardless of whether you use your gadgets for work, play or both, keeping them clean and in top condition will help you get the most out of them. So start making an effort today, and don't forget to check out our range of iGlove gloves and hear muffs.