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Understanding The Four Stages Of Water Damage

What many people fail to realise is that water damage does not only refer to the damage of the building substrates, but also to the spread of microbial growth which can be incredibly difficult to get rid of if allowed to grow.  Should water damage occur in your home or work office, it is always handy to know what can happen prior to the incident so you're not left clueless if it does happen to you.

The water migrates from the origin horizontally and vertically (if the source is from above) spreading in all directions, causing damage to the walls, ceilings, floors and contents.  It may be the case that the water begins to penetrate under, over and even through the bottom wall plates into the adjoining rooms affecting partitioning, insulation and plasterboard/dry wall.  This moisture can then become trapped.  Specialist injection drying systems are then required to remove this trapped moisture.  

While the water continues to spread, materials such as wood eagerly soak up moisture causing them to become saturated and begin to significantly swell, sometimes irreversible swelling can occur depending on the type of wood affected.  Unless corrective action is taken quickly hardwood floors can laterally swell causing them to buckle, warp or delaminate.  Slow response to water damage can cause irreversible damage resulting in costly replacement.  A fast response can limit the damage by up to 85%.

As the standing water begins to evaporate, humidity levels can soar and support the growth of primary colonizers and bacteria.  These spores can quickly germinate and can affect the air quality of the property considerably.  If the property reaches this stage, the poor air quality can affect the health of the buildings occupants, for a business this means lack of production and costly absence days.

High humidity can affect all hygroscopic materials including decorations, books, artwork and photographs.

To prevent your water damage from reaching the final stage, you will need a team of specialists to identify and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. The dedicated team at Relkogroup are available 24hrs a day.  They are experts in the field of fire and flood restoration including mould remediation/removal and with over 40 years' experience, they are fully qualified and prepared to assist you in restoring your home or office.

Contact Relkogroup today for all of your fire and flood restoration needs and queries.