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Update your Workwear this Spring

As we wave goodbye to the last remnants of cold weather, workmen up and down the country rejoice in unison! No more heavy winter layers and triple protected, bulky boots making the working day seem even longer through the dense, dark evenings. Instead, we welcome in a new workwear wardrobe for spring and summer, moving forward - you've almost forgotten what it feels like to wear just the one t-shirt, haven't you?

For all your work clothing needs, please visit our workwear store and take a look through our virtual clothes racks. We have a huge variety of brands and trade specific items; including hi-vis, PPE, accessories and waterproofs. We even have the iGlove for those chilly mornings when you need to send an email, and the site office isn't open until 9 am!

Printed Workwear

If your team are in desperate need of some new workwear, or you're looking to invest in some branded and personalised items, then Relko are here to help. We offer reduced prices on bundles of t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, hats and trousers.

Hi-Vis Workwear 

If you're having trouble finding your hi-vis workwear before you leave for a job, then there's every possibility you're in need of something a little newer. Hi-vis jackets, trousers, vests and overalls are designed for your safety, so keeping them fresh and visible is imperative.

Safety Boots 

If you've got a busy day between meetings and site reviews, then you won't always have time to change your shoes and outfit between each appointment - you could spend all day doing it. Err on the side of caution and wear safety boots, because your safety should always come first. We also sell safety shoes for those of you who need something a little smarter; you can always keep them in your car!

It is always important to have safety workwear that is in good condition and able to do its job effectively. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself and others at risk. As one of the most established workwear stores in the Midlands, you can rest assured that you're in safe hands when you shop with Relko.

For more information or should you have any queries, please contact us on 0800 014 2970.