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Warriors vs. Worriers

A majority of people generally fall into two categories; the ones who constantly worry and the ones who are laid back about most things. 

However, the ones who do worry may have a valid reason to avoid certain situations that can spiral out of their control. So, they check the door is locked about four times each night, as there have been a number of burglaries in their area over the past few weeks, and they triple check the gas and boiler are switched off before going to bed.

The key circumstances these people are trying to prevent from happening are fires, floods, compromised health and possible electrocution. We are all afraid of danger, so worst case scenarios are worth thinking about and taking certain measures to avoid.

Here are some common things people do that can cause a hazard in the household:

  • Candles

Although candles can change the atmosphere of a room and smell incredible, some people tend to forget they have left them lit. All it takes is a sweep of something or even a pet skimming its tail past it and, well, you can picture the rest.

  • Gas

It is important to check all the gas knobs on the cooker and in the fireplace before heading off to bed. After eight hours of shut-eye, enough gas will have leaked to have life-threatening consequences.

  • Oil

Chip pan fires used to be one of the biggest home fire causes in the UK. If you are frying, do not leave the pan unattended whilst on the hob. Finish what you are doing and then store the pan safely away and switch off the cooker.

  • Electricals

It is important to get your electrical equipment tested every 5 – 10 years to ensure a decreased risk of short circuiting, and to ensure that such equipment still meets safety standards.

  • Boiler

If you have a water boiler system where you need to wait for the water to heat up, always remember to switch the boiler off when not needed. Leaving it switched on for an excessive amount of time could cause the tank to overflow and erupt, causing a major flood and damage to your home.

  • Wiring

Keep wiring and cords out of sight, covered or out of reach. This prevents trips and falls and pets chewing on the wiring.

  • Plugs

Overloading a plug or extension circuit is another cause of fires. Ensure there isn’t too much power being generated from one source.

These are just a handful of factors that could lead to a fire in your home. Always take care and ensure you have checked everything thoroughly. Should you happen to be in a situation where the worst has already happened and need your home restoring, contact Relkogroup who can provide you with a post-fire and flood restoration service. Get in touch with Relkogroup today.