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West Hants Home Goes Up In Flames

On Saturday the 15th of February, firefighters from Windsor put their best efforts into settling a fire that occurred on Tongue Hill Road at about 12:45pm. According to hants journal, the fire appeared to have been started in a garage and has left a couple along and their two young children without a home until a fire and flood restoration company examines the damage.

Windsor Fire Chief, Scott Burgess said the "first report was smoke showing then flame through the roof so it was definitely going for a bit." He added "Luckily there was no one home and the car was not in the yard"

It is estimated that it took around two dozen firefighters to put out the flames while a further 10 remained on standby at the fire station. Burgess continued by saying "We suppressed the fire before it entered the main part of the house. It just broke through."

While Burgess claimed that the home could be salvaged despite "heavy damage" he added that it may still be cheaper to build the home from scratch. He added "I'd be guessing unrepairable based on the dollars of damage. Structurally, most of it is still intact"

Unfortunately the couple who had been renting the home at the time did not have any insurance. Since the incident the couple, along with their 20-month-old and seven-year-old boys, moved in with relatives. They are currently receiving a lot of assistance from Red Cross as the fire resulted in severe damage to most of their personal belongings.

On the topic of the start of the fire, Burgess claimed that it doesn't look like anything suspicious.

Veteran firefighter, Scott Caldwell, was just one of the local residents who decided to call the fire station. He said they "initially thought the light smoke was from burning brush" but he then heard "a few pops and bangs" which he believed to be from the fire eventually reaching a combustible substance.

"It just excessed the fire into a pretty big fire ball" he stated. "The main thing was to keep the traffic flowing until the fire department got here and then I just tried to stop traffic so they could have a safe work area"

"Once the fire department got here, they got on the fire right away"

Like Caldwell, Burgess understands the significant difference traffic and delays can make to any situation involving fire.

"A big black column of smoke attracts a lot of people" he said "There are more apparatus that come into these scenes all the time. Please stay back, give the right of way and let us do our job." Burgess also noted how obstructions can delay fire truck response times.

Whilst this US tragedy is receiving plenty of media coverage, it is not an isolated incident. Sadly, many house fires occur every year in the UK. Some of them preventable and others are not, so taking care to do everything you can to fire-proof your property is of the upmost importance.

Relko Group understands the tragedy that fires cause and as a result we want to offer people a safe, affordable fire and flood restoration service to aid people post-fire. Here at Relko Group we encourage those who are most at risk to take extra precautions by adopting fire-prevention methods. We are also here for those who have already experienced the tragedy of a fire. For more information on our services, where we operate and what we can do for you please get in touch today through our website.