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What Lurks Beneath The QWERTY?

According to a Dettol infographic, shared by The Daily Mail back in December 2014, the average keyboard is home to between 7000 and 8000 bacteria.

This is a staggering figure, and more than enough to make you think twice about how you act at your desk, and how often you take to cleaning it.

Read on to see some top tips on keeping your keyboard clean, so you never have to face what lurks beneath the QWERTY.

Hands off your face

It is a subconscious action to rub your eyes, scratch your nose or touch your face throughout the day. Everyone does it, and because we don’t realise we are doing it, we can’t curb the habit easily. However, touching your face not only carries germs between various surfaces and the skin, but you can also end up with a keyboard full of greasy fingerprints and makeup flakes. As such, your workspace becomes unhygienic and unpleasant to look at.

Regular washing

As on top of personal hygiene as you might be, there is no substitute for regular hand-washing throughout the day. Before and after eating, when you notice yourself touching your face, and if you simply feel you could do with a freshen up, warm water and plenty of soap will keep germs at bay, both on your hands and on your immediate work surfaces. This will save the keys of your keyboard becoming encased in layers upon layers of germs and bacteria. And if you can’t always make it to the sink, make sure you keep a quality antibacterial gel on your desk, in case of emergencies.

Eat away from your desk

In today’s busy offices, with deadlines, workloads and a desire to be as efficient as possible, many of us choose to eat lunch or snack at our desks. This has become so much of a habit that two-thirds of all UK office workers eat at their desks as a matter of course; however, only 80% of them clean their desks before chowing down. So you can enjoy your 11 o’clock cuppa, but when you dunk your biscuits or munch your sandwich over your keyboard, you not only add to your desk’s germ population with dropped crumbs and spillages in the crevices; you also consume the germs already there.

Don’t let dust accumulate

When you’re sat working hard all week long, tapping away at the keyboard and ticking off your To-Do List, housekeeping is, understandably, not always a priority. Similarly, when you go home of an evening, your first thought is more likely to be out of the door, than worrying about wiping your desk and keyboard down. That said, letting dust accumulate will not only add to the build-up of grime, above and below the keys, as well as the unkempt appearance of your workstation; it will also make for an unpleasant environment, where dust particles fly around and irritate allergies and respiratory systems. So a few times a week, use a microfiber cloth to collect the dust, in between visits from professional cleaning services.

Mind the gaps

Last but not least, mind the gaps in your keyboard. Grooved keyboards are the worst for this because they are designed with high keys and lots of gaps, meaning they have lots of places where dirt can land, and bacteria can grow. Breadcrumbs in crevices, debris in nooks and crannies, and all manner of grim materials calling the keys home will make for an unhygienic, unsightly keyboard that is also unpleasant to use.

Don’t be fooled by the idea that what’s out of sight is out of mind (i.e. under the keyboard so not an issue that needs addressing immediately), because leaving the dirt to fester will only make matters worse. Mind the gaps when eating or, indeed, doing anything over your keyboard, and clean out the underneath regularly.

Speaking in the same article mentioned at the opening of this blog, hygiene expert Dr Ackerley explained that a single square inch of the keyboard could contain up to 3000 organisms. This is an overwhelming amount of bacteria to contend with, and all the more reason to keep on top of keeping your keyboard and desk spick and span.

So start with the tips above and invest in professional office cleaning services to keep your workspace as hygienic as possible, like Birmingham cleaning company's, Relkogroup; view more now.