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What Lurks Beneath

A large percentage of homes and offices have carpet-covered floors. Now, whilst they might look spotless to the naked eye, it may startle you to find out what is hidden amongst the fibres. Here at Relkogroup though, we are well-versed in what lurks in the carpets.

Older carpets tend to hold years’ worth of dirt and germs; even with regular vacuuming, particles remain embedded in the pile of carpeted areas. Toxins, dirt and germs from the bottom of shoes can remain in your carpets for years to come. This means that any disruption to the carpet will send the toxins back into the air for you to breathe in; particularly in an office environment, where people tend not to remove their shoes.

Listed below are some of the common nasties that can be found hidden in the depths of carpets, and also what can be done to reduce the volume of such.

Dust Mites

Quite simply, anywhere that there is dust there will be dust mites. The tiny arachnids, part of the same family as spiders and ticks, can’t be seen but if you have a dust mite allergy, you’ll certainly be aware of their presence. They thrive in areas where people or animals reside as they feed off skin flakes, and proceed to defecate up to 20 times a day.

How to be rid of them:

In a commercial building such as an office, it can be hard to maintain housekeeping standards with so many people coming and going. One of the most effective methods is regular professional carpet cleaning. Using high powered vacuums and the necessary cleaning products will not only rid your carpet of mites, but also of the dirt that they survive off. Click here for more on our professional carpet cleaning services. 

General cleaning of desks to get rid of dust build up will also help keep the mites at bay.

Worn In Dirt

Research has shown that carpets can hold up to eight times their weight in toxin-filled dirt and grime! This will heavily impact the longevity and life expectancy of your carpet. However, regular carpet cleaning brings some life back into your office carpets. Also, with less toxins being circulated, you breathe cleaner air for those hours in the office.

Additionally, try to encourage staff to wear clean shoes in the office, or even swap shoes once they are inside, as this will reduce the amount of dirt being brought in from outside. 

Commuter Dirt

Dirt can attach itself to almost anything in one format or another, in particular to shoes and clothing. Many office workers will have some form of commute to work; whether that be by car, train, on foot or cycling. Now picture all the surfaces and environments they may have passed through on that commute. You can be fairly certain that tubes, buses and trains are not particularly clean and with the sheer volume of people passing through, how could they be?

This in turn means that your employees are bringing in a wealth of germs with them. Again, professional carpet cleaning can remove a huge amount of this dirt and bacteria, allowing you to be in a much cleaner environment. Although, once it has been professionally cleaned, general housekeeping will help to maintain it, such as vacuuming and removing shoes. 

Offices in large cities such as Birmingham, London and Manchester are subjected to all manner of polluted surfaces and public transport. These can be breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria, which will not be beneficial to your employees’ immune systems. Specialist office cleaning and carpet cleaning from Relkogroup can offer peace of mind and a cleaner, fresher work environment.