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What To Wear: Winter Working Gear

Working outdoors doesn't always call for high fashion or keeping on top of the latest trends. In fact, work wear for tradesmen and industrial sectors needs to be practical, durable and safe. That is why the work wear, active wear and tool hire here at Relkogroup is so essential to so many businesses in Birmingham, and beyond.

Now, whilst it is true that sensible and practical gear takes precedence over style and fashion, it is worth noting that every season has its own must-haves.

With the cold days and long, dark evenings of winter well and truly here, it is essential that you have the right gear. We have all manner of work clothing and equipment available; some are best for comfort, some for safety and some for productivity.

So to give you a glimpse into the work gear must-haves for Winter 2014/15, here is a list of our top three picks.

Hi Vis Gear

With the winter comes significantly shorter days. Unfortunately, fewer daylight hours does not mean fewer hours spent at work. Regardless of whether you work in the early evening darkness for 30 minutes or three hours, you need to be safe, and you need to be seen.

This is where hi-vis gear comes into play. It might be that you need vests, coveralls or hard hats and safety gloves; whatever it is, we have more than enough options - and they are all available branded too. So you can stay safe and seen in quality and durable hi-vis gear from Relkogroup.

Thermals and Coats

Of course, the winter months are a long slog of low temperatures and such dips in the mercury, as well as the associated adverse weather, make working outdoors uncomfortable and even unsafe.

You can protect yourself against these wintry challenges though, by investing in sensible work coats and various thermal gear. Thermals will allow you to stay warm enough to function, but mobile enough to carry out the tasks at hand; something that can't always be said for layers of bulky jumpers and hoodies.

iGlove Wearable Technology

The best kind of apparel is the kind that is not only well-designed, practical and of high quality, but looks good all at the same time. Can one piece of work or active wear really embody all of this though? Well, yes.

iGlove do a range of gloves that allow you to work touchscreen devices without having to remove them, as well as Hear Muffs which are warm and comfortable, but allow you listen to calls and music via any smart device connected. The iGlove products are superb because they combine innovative technology with durability, practicality and smart, sleek designs. This, in turn, allows you to stay connected, cosy and productive whenever and wherever you are working. 

Buy a pair of iGloves from our store now!

Of course, the tools, equipment and apparel you choose will depend very much on your particular sector, as well as your job role and specific requirements.

For now though, the three top picks listed above are a good place to start. If, however, you do want to see the full range then you can look at our active wear and tool hire pages. And if you feel you need a consultation - or some straightforward advice - you can get in touch with the team here at, today.