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Why One-Trick Ponies Are A Thing Of The Past

Once upon a time everything had a purpose – emphasis on the “a”.

If you wanted something to do it, you would source the gadget that could make it happen, get that gadget, and use said gadget as its maker intended. One plus one made two.

Today, things have dual, triple and unfathomable uses. T-shirts are no longer just t-shirts, and accessories are no longer for decoration. Everything can offer a variety of services, in one convenient and compact package. And why is this? Because of technological innovation and a shift in consumer preferences, from one-trick-ponies to all-singing, all-dancing one-stop-shops.

We are lucky that the 21st century allows and encourages us to embrace new technologies; in particular, those that streamline simple tasks and make our lives that much easier.

One-trick ponies are disappearing from all walks of life; work, home and play. Instead, we can run our homes from one tiny control panel, keep every aspect of our business tucked neatly away on a tablet, and dress according to fashion, function and innovation.

To see more about the smartphone, which was the catalyst for this multipurpose smart revolution, read on.

Smartphones and their contemporaries…

Smartphones have been around a few years now, and as such, they have become part and parcel of our daily lives and – dare we say it – identities. If we don’t have our phone on hand to check texts, messages, calls, emails, social media and the weather, we may as well have chopped off our right hand.

Phones weren’t always so clever though. Originally, phones had one purpose; calls. They could make them, they could receive them, but calls were all they did. Then they went mobile, taking calls on the move. Not long after, text messages and voicemails joined calls on the phone’s “can-do” list.

And now?

Now a phone can be and do anything you want it to.

More than just a basic communication device, the smartphone is effectively a very tiny, very powerful, and demonstrably helpful computer in the palm of your hand. Don’t think this multipurpose madness is limited to phones alone though, as iWatches and Google Glasses are jumping on the smart bandwagon too.

A further development of the wearable accessories inspired by smartphones is wearable technology.

Wearable technology has been in the pipeline for many years, becoming more and more common in its various guises. Some examples have been developed for medical and research purposes, others for effect (think Nicole Scherzinger’s show-stopping Twitter dress), and yet more for an everyday mix of fun and function. There are dresses, jumpers, hats, scarves and jewellery, as well as spectacles and wrist wear as mentioned above.

Recently, we have seen the iGlove come onto the scene and take over the way we work and play when outdoors.

The integrated technology can transmit signals and heat from your fingers, through the fabric, and onto the touchscreen device whilst maintaining full functionality. In fact, this is such a prime example of how smart technology has become so important to everyday life that we not only develop the technology itself, but we also come up with ways to further integrate it. Find out more about iGlove Bluetooth gloves right here.

Of course, as impressive as the smartphone and its offshoots are, they are but the start. There are plenty of other technological revolutions out there besides, as well as more than a few to explore in prototype and conceptual stage.

So embrace the multipurpose age and say goodbye to the one-trick ponies of the past. 21st-century life is fast-paced, forward-thinking, and oh-so-convenient.