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Will I stay or will I go?

Today, employee retention is so important, especially considering that a new, bigger competitor could be right around the corner. So, what can you do to improve retention rates and ensure your workers have the best experience with your company? Well, perhaps the proof is in the pudding stain on the floor, as researchers looked into the effect office aesthetics can have on employees.
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According to Express & Star, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors conducted research into the idea that office aesthetics could have an effect on employee retention, with surprising results.
Almost 500 employees, during a survey of 1000, commented saying they think their office should be improved. The institute also discovered that many employees wanted plenty of natural light, frequent cleaning and good quality facilities for the office kitchen.
Director of RICS, Paul Bagust, mentioned: “With numerous industries currently fighting a war for talent, capable staff and skilled new joiners are like gold-dust for many companies. On that basis, businesses should be doing everything possible to recruit and retain the best people.”
“It’s disappointing, therefore, that many employers seem to be underestimating – or perhaps not realising – the power of property in motivating, attracting and keeping staff. A well-constructed, designed and utilised office or workplace can pay huge dividends for the business that inhabits it.”
So, considering this, we should all make a conscious effort to keep our offices well-maintained and clean, something Relkogroup can help with. Our office cleaning specialists are ready to transform your work area into a sanitary and productive space.
Feel free to contact us today or see our website for more information on what Relkogroup can do for you.